At Indicate Media, we drive our client's communications objectives forward. Our approach is calculated, strategic, organized, and focused on precise execution of short-term initiatives to achieve long-term objectives. Employing 'Personalized PR', we strive to understand your unique market opportunity and make intelligent decisions based on a clear vision, strategic plan, and ongoing collaboration. Indicate Media specializes in public relations, content marketing and video/animation services to start-ups through Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries including B2B/B2C Tech, Ad/MarTech, Wireless/Telecom, Energy, and Financial and Professional Services.


Storytelling is an ancient art and top priority for modern business. Yet, for years, companies have told their stories in silos. Today, there are numerous channels - both internal and external - to implement a story, create and sustain awareness and ultimately sell more products and services. We believe effective storytelling needs to permeate all areas of a business including executive leadership, corporate, marketing, sales and product teams, all in an effort to create cohesion and consistency. We understand the importance storytelling plays in 21st century business and work with clients across organizational departments to ensure maximum success.


The media landscape has undergone drastic shifts in recent years requiring media strategies to adapt. Today, tier one journalists and outlets stand side-by-side with bloggers and influencers who reside down the long tail. A smart PR team understands the importance of diversity and analytics when it comes to properly executing an ongoing media campaign. Building and maintaining vital relationships is our top focus, and we have a proven track record of securing results. Many people have asked what our secret sauce to securing media is. The answer: Focus, hard work, and a diligent approach to media relations. Check out our One-On-One Journalist Q&A Series in the Chasing Perception blog.


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