Indicate Media is a digital public relations agency that works with clients to win the moments that matter: When a customer decides to buy your product, when an investor decides to invest in your company, when a reporter decides to feature your company in a prominent story.  We develop integrated marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results. Led by a team of veteran communications practitioners, Indicate Media specializes in public relations, digital marketing including search engine optimization, audio/video production and campaign analytics for the Tech, Energy, and Finance sectors. Clients range from startups through Fortune 500 companies and span the globe from the U.S., U.K., Germany, India, Israel, Poland and Australia. Indicate Media was founded in 2011 and has offices in New York City and Philadelphia, PA. 


Every day, your company faces dozens of defining moments: The moment when a customer decides to buy your product, an investor agrees to write a check or a reporter chooses to write a story about your company. These moments are the result of having successfully told your story to the right audience, at the right time and in the right way. Today the ways in which stories can be told are as numerous and distinct as the companies themselves. In a world of unlimited competition, we help our clients develop and tell compelling and relevant stories that are essential to winning these moments.


Executing a successful public relations campaign isn’t about luck; it comes from partnering with an experienced team that has an appetite for new information and the ability to transform ideas into compelling stories. Our curiosity and passion drive us to seek new information and uncover data and industry trends shaping the future. Combining experience and foresight produces the type of key insights that secure results and enable us to position our clients as industry leaders today and tomorrow.



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