Indicate Media Captures The News: May 23, 2016

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Google's plan to bring VR to the masses
If you’ve been hearing A LOT about virtual reality, but like the rest of us, wandered how and when you can get it for yourself, say no more. At its annual Google I/O keynote last week, Google announced a new virtual reality ecosystem called Daydream. Google’s approach focuses on reaching the widest number of people instead of creating the best, most immersive experience. Finally, the wait is almost over.

4 Common Sayings in Business Translated -- Finally!
People in the business world use a lot of jargon and idiomatic expressions, but as common as certain words are, people sometimes find themselves asking, "What does that even mean?" Finally, some answers. Click here to learn what these cliches really mean, and how you can act on the advice behind the adage.

PR Insight of the Week
Pitching Media continues to be one of the most important aspects of PR. In almost all cases, solid media placements define a successful campaign. At Indicate Media, it is our #1 focus on any given day. Here is a great article titled, 'Is Your Media Relations On Point? How to Deliver a Compelling PR Pitch' from Steve Beale, editor of Bulldog Reporter, discussing how to approach media relations.