Indicate Media Captures The News: June 13, 2016

It is tough times in the world these days. We feel it and see it on a regular basis. Indicate Media sends its condolences to every single person affected from the Orlando shootings. While as a rule we try and stick to business, sometimes it’s warranted to rally with those who are suffering. We are decided to keep going and bring to you below our weekly roundup of industry news, reports and insights from today’s leading voices, but today we do it with a heavy heart. 

The C Suite of the Future
Changing industries require changing business models and the C Suite is evolving to meet these needs. New roles, new technology advancements and new entrants into legacy businesses all lead to redefined management teams with renewed focus. Here is an interesting look at what the C Suite of the future may look like. 

Warren Buffett Thinks Every Entrepreneur Needs To Do This 
It is no secret how important customers are to any business. If your customers are dissatisfied, logic says you are on your way to shutting the doors and closing shop. Every once in awhile, our fearless leaders are able to capture exactly what entrepreneurs need to do to succeed in business. Is it brain surgery - no, is it something you have never thought of before - no, but it is great advice from one of our most praised and successful entrepreneurs - DELIGHT

PR Insight of the Week
Strategic Media Relations in a Social Media World
There continues to be a lot of discussion inside marketing circles around whether earned media is still as effective as it once was. Should brands place a majority of their spend on public relations (earned), content marketing (owned) or advertising (paid)? While we have found that the numerous studies vary, generally reflecting the opinion and/or best interest of the author, here is an interesting study that shows why earned media is still the most effective source of information in impacting consumers along all stages of the purchase process.