Indicate Media Captures The News: June 20, 2016

Happy first day of summer! We hope everyone gets in some nice beach time while the sun is shining bright. Below please find Indicate Media’s weekly roundup of industry news, reports and insights from today’s leading voices. We focus on news stories we find interesting, relevant and of value to businesses today.

The Secret to Negotiating Is Reading People’s Faces
In this extremely interesting Harvard Business Review article, Kasia Wezowski, founder of the Center for Body Language, explores the art of negotiating. In business, the ability to read your counterpart in real time can be the difference between winning and losing a deal and/or simply being able to charge more money for services. The good news is, as Wezowski explains, you can always learn to be a better negotiator. Check out this article for tips and insights. 

How To Put More Emotion In Storytelling
Why have digital advertisers forgotten how to make people feel something? For any of the millions of us who faithfully followed the show Mad Men, we understand that advertisers in the 1950s and 1960s understood one fundamental thing: the goal of advertising is NOT to convince people, or to make them think something. It is to make them FEEL something. Numerous studies have shown that people don’t make decisions with the rational parts of their brain. All big decisions are made with the right side of our brain based on feelings. We later justify those feelings with the rational, left side of the brain. So, what does this all mean when it comes to storytelling? Pixar veteran, Matthew Luhn explains. For anyone in the business of storytelling, this is an article not to miss. 

PR Insight of the Week
Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2016

At Indicate Media we love taking a look at the latest reports to come out highlighting all things related to media, marketing and public relations. This time around, we take a look at the 2016 Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute. The report focuses in-depth on how people today are finding, reading and digesting their news. Spoiler alert: It should come as no surprise that social media is at the top of the list for news consumption today. What we found most interesting perhaps is that publishers around the world are facing unprecedented levels of disruption to their business models from a combination of social platforms, the mobile revolution and the consumer rejection of online advertising. There is a lot to learn by checking out this report.

Enjoy the week ahead!