Indicate Media Captures The News: June 6, 2016

After taking a week off for a sun filled Memorial Day weekend, Indicate Media is excited to bring to you our weekly roundup of industry news, reports and insights from today’s leading voices. We focus on news stories we find interesting, relevant and of value to businesses today.

2016 Internet Trends Report
It’s that time of year again for Mary Meeker and her team at KPCB to release their annual 2016 Internet Trends Report. The report looks at themes ranging from global Internet trends, advertising, communication and brand trends, China and emerging markets trends, data, privacy and everything in between trends. All businesses and entrepreneurs who need to understand global commerce will benefit greatly from taking a look. 

Artificial intelligence is changing SEO faster than you think
SEO has been around long enough now that almost all marketers understand there are many benefits to utilizing and executing an SEO campaign. Even if most of us have no idea what that really means and/or how it’s actually accomplished. For those of you that have gotten your heads around it, Google has once again changed the rules with the release of Google RankBrain, its artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm. Experts have begun touting how fast the SEO industry is now changing because of RankBrain. Check out this article to see some clear examples of how many of the old SEO rules no longer apply and steps needed to stay ahead of the curve when executing a successful SEO campaign moving forward.  

PR Insight of the Week
Global Communications Report 2016
For those of us who follow the communications industry closely, is there any more exciting time a year than when the 2016 Global Communications report comes out? Prepared by the University of Southern California Center for Public Relations and the leading industry trade magazine The Holmes Report, the report highlights the communications industry as it stands today and makes predictions of what’s to come next. Here’s an excerpt: Agency leaders predict robust growth of 33% over the next five years, with industry revenue worldwide reaching nearly $20 billion. In-house growth estimates are more modest at 13%. Both agree that growth will be driven primarily by creating compelling content and distributing it across multiple media channels. So, while we wouldn’t say there are drop the mic surprises in the report, there is a great amount of information that is valuable and worth understanding and learning from if you are in the communications industry.