Why Winning The Moment Still Matters: Series Finale

Over the course of the past few months, We’ve explored in-depth the concept of Winning The Moment. We're the first to agree that at a high level, it’s not a complex concept or revolutionary idea for the public relations industry. However, the concept does have many subtleties that shouldn’t be dismissed as too obvious. 

For instance, there’s nothing obvious about positioning your company for success by understanding that each day provides distinct opportunities to win moments with customers, shareholders, employees, colleagues and/or clients. There’s also nothing obvious about thinking several moves ahead (like a good chess player) about your communications strategy. And finally, there’s nothing obvious about learning from others how brands won them over (and thus ‘the moment’), all of which are themes I explored in our first three posts. 

In this series finale, we take one final look at how smart brands can think about and plan for the moments that are unique to their business.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, it’s likely that you deal with two facts of modern business: increased competition and an over-saturated marketing communications landscape. The result is more companies saying more things to your potential customers and clients every day. Sit back and you’ll disappear, jump in and you risk being just another voice clamoring for attention. 

You’re probably familiar with Blue Ocean Strategy, the best-selling book that described how brands like Cirque du Soleil and Southwest Airlines set themselves apart by creating new categories and positioning themselves away from traditional competitors. In a similar way, brands can find Blue Oceans in communication strategy, distinguishing themselves by finding moments their competitors may not even see and/or are prepared to address.

Remember, smart brands don’t wait for good fortune to shine upon them, nor do they rush headlong into the crowded waters without a plan. 

Below I’ve outlined four things to think about when developing strategies to identify, create and leverage these Blue Ocean moments. 

Not Big Data, Smart Data
By now, most brands have accepted that marketing is both an art and a science. In fact, it’s likely that your marketing department has access to too much unstructured data, and because of this they’re either focusing on the wrong things, or not sure where to focus at all. Social Media analytics have come a long way, and with SaaS platforms like Unmetric’s Discover product, brands can uncover real insights into past social media campaigns and find under-utilized opportunities to speak with customers and prospects. It is about using all this data to know and understand what has worked in the past and leverage it for the future. 

Culture Club
In the past, marketers had a tendency to focus on themselves and forget that people think far less about their brands than they do. Understanding significant cultural touchpoints of your audience is often a pathway to creating moments. This is more than just throwing money at a relevant celebrity, it means understanding the language, preferences and behaviors of your audience. Hard work, yes, but the type that can pay huge dividends when you send just the right message. Leveraging all the latest technological advances in email marketing is an excellent way to speak to a customer on his or her terms. 

Back To The Future
It’s become a cliche, but there’s wisdom in hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s words: “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”  Winning the moment often means seeing when the moment is going to happen, before it happens.  Smart marketers use their experience to create theories about what will happen in the future, and then build marketing communications strategies to position their brands accordingly. Looking towards the future allows you to not only share your vision, but explain why your company is poised to succeed in that future. 

This Time It’s Personal
Moments are often personal. Instead of listing off 11 new product features, most of which your prospects don’t care about and never asked for, share the story of how your designer created one feature because it addressed a personal pain point. 

Today’s successful marketers use a potent blend of art and science to put themselves in a position to win the moments that matter. Now is the time to create your winning strategy before the next moment passes you by.

We hope you have enjoyed the series. If you are interested in learning more and speaking with Indicate Media about your PR objectives, please let us know.