Indicate Media Captures The News: August 16, 2016

“I love walking outside and sweating before I get to work,” said absolutely no one ever. It remains hot outside here in New York City. If you are staying inside to beat the heat, check out these three top stories we found interesting, relevant, and valuable to businesses today. 

It’s About to Get a Lot Easier for Apps to Talk to Each Other
There is a big trend in the digital world called IFTTT. For those of you who don’t know, that means ‘if this then that’ and it refers to connecting one thing to another. An example would be when you take a picture on instagram, it automatically uploads to your dropbox or if your fitness tracker knows when you wake up, it can automatically turn on your lights. Today’s exciting news is that developers can now embed IFTTT within apps enabling users to connect hundreds of apps together. That means that the world of apps is about to become more like the web as apps readily exchange info with other apps. This is a game changer. Check out why by reading here.

How Nike Brilliantly Ruined Olympic Marketing Forever
The Rio Olympics are in full swing and so far (with another week to go) we have seen some extremely exciting competitions. Swimming, Gymnastics, Rugby, Tennis, Track - if you are into sports and/or find yourself with national pride for your home country, nothing really compares to the Olympics. That is why brands in the digital age love to capitalize on the excitement. However, this Olympics that has proved difficult. The U.S. Olympic Committee has placed ironclad regulations, backed by U.S. trademark law, that restrain non-sponsoring brands from saying anything even vaguely evocative of the Olympics. A casual mention of Rio on Facebook? A congratulatory tweet to a gold medalist? Even tweeting the term "gold medal"? It is prohibited. While we could discuss the virtues of free speech, for this article we thought you may be interested in finding out why this is the case and what incident led to these ironclad regulations. It’s a very interesting story you can check out here.

PR Insight of the Week
Changing Currency for Investor Relations Pros

There’s been a push to get corporate CEOs to become more active on social media and begin to leverage its networking power. At the same time, investor relations professional have strived to find the right balance between using digital assets vs. using operating in the same fashion as they have for years. While it is clear there are arguments for both, everyone understands that when it comes to the disclosure of financial information, all regulatory requirements must be met. The following article does a good job at explaining the current IR / PR landscape and takes a look how things may play out in the future. 

Enjoy the week ahead!