Indicate Media Captures The News: September 12, 2016

Alas, Labor Day is a distant memory and it’s back to a full work week. Who's ready for next summer? We kid, the fall is also a great time of year. Anyway, to kick the post summer season into high gear check out these three top stories we found interesting, relevant, and valuable to businesses today. 

How Algorithms Rule Our Working Lives
If you’re anything like us, you are greatly intrigued by algorithms. That’s right - algorithms. The reason is because when you dig just under the surface, you quickly begin to see the ‘not so sexy’ side of algorithms. And while algorithms have become the norm for so much of how we live in the digital world, it’s very important we identify any harm they may be causing, in addition to identifying their needed place in the world. In this article that originally appeared The Guardian, reporter Cathy O’Neil takes an extremely interesting look at algorithms and both the upside and downside to using them. This is a fascinating read. 

The FCC Has a Plan to Free Us From Our Cable Boxes
While most of us probably still have cable in some form or another, it is a safe bet that almost none of us actually follow what is happening in the cable industry. And, if you already decided to unplug from cable, why would you even care. Well, for all of us here’s why: The FCC has announced a proposal that would force pay-TV providers to offer apps that let you bypass set-top-boxes altogether. Instead of plugging a cable box into your TV, you could just use cable through a device of your choice. This not only means no more paying useless dollars to rent a cable box but also that freedom to choose has prevailed. That may be a too simplistic overview but either way, check out this story in Wired explaining the who, what, where, when and why. 

PR Insight of the Week
Why Digital PR Means More to CMOs Today

Hard data is the name of the game these days. A channel that doesn’t produce solid data is a broken channel in the digital world. Yet, PR has traditionally been a channel very hard to measure. Can you see the disconnect? In this article, Website Magazine takes a smart look at digital PR and data and gives a nice overview on ways PR practitioners can think about data. All in all, this is a good read for those of us in the industry. 

Enjoy the week ahead!