Three Hot Topics to Address Within Your IIoT Story


IIoT promises to revolutionize manufacturing. Read any recent industry analyst report and you’ll find the experts agree - the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is rapidly gaining global traction, and poised to drive seismic change across design, manufacturing, operations, service, and maintenance in a wide range of industries. Enabling technologies like sensors, automation, remote monitoring, Virtual Reality (VR), wearables and even robotics, will be the primary drivers pushing “Industry 4.0” along a very fast track.

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan report, industrialized nations like Germany are leading the way by fully digitizing their manufacturing operations and, in the process, demonstrating IIoT’s vast capabilities in:

  • Maintaining sustainable growth

  • Expanding capabilities and

  • Helping these countries establish a prominent role in the global supply chain.

In the U.S., IIoT adoption currently lags behind Europe with 67% of companies surveyed by ABI Research responding they do not currently have IIoT solutions in place. That’s the bad news. The good news is 74% also said they are either investigating, assessing, or planning to deploy such solutions in the next 12 months. Translation? There are exciting growth opportunities ahead for those companies ready to market their technologies within the IIoT ecosystem and beyond.

So the question becomes, how will your company communicate your value proposition and reach your target audiences? Commenting publicly on the latest IIoT trends is one effective way to be sure your company’s story is being heard - and raising your signal above the noise.

Based on our research, we’ve identified three examples of “hot topics” currently being widely discussed within the IIoT community by industry analysts, media contacts and, most importantly, your competitors. We believe your company should be a part of these conversations in the coming months:

  • Proprietary Data. Protecting proprietary data from security challenges and associated risks is often cited as a leading factor behind companies being slow to implement IIoT solutions. Being able to allay those fears by having the appropriate messaging in place will inspire confidence in your potential business partners. More details are available here from Infiniti Research.

  • Return on Investment (ROI). For every company operating within the IIoT space, developing an effective IIoT go-to-market strategy that demonstrates clear ROI is crucial. Your competitors likely already have a strategy in place. Don’t fall behind because there’s no chance of the pace slowly down. Review this joint survey conducted by PwC and MAPI for findings and guidance on monetizing (and messaging) your IIoT solution.

  • End to End Solutions. What role will your solution play in the IIoT ecosystem? Generally, technologies either push or pull data. If your solution is a “pusher,” it’s important to take a step back and assess the smarts of your devices and data platform. If your solution is a “puller,” you need to evaluate your data analytics capabilities to accurately time your requests for data. Knowing how your solution best operates within a secured, efficient and scalable end-to-end solution, and being able to communicate its added value in the production chain, will go a long way in determining your success.

At Indicate Media, we can work with you on how to communicate on the above data points as part of a strategic, smart and successful digital public relations campaign designed to secure maximum exposure and achieve needed results.  We will work with your team to deliver quantifiable results and outcomes. Sound good? Let’s talk. To schedule an introductory call, contact us at