Indicate Media Captures The News: March 13, 2017

Just when we thought winter was about to wrap and 75-degree weather was right around the corner, we are now preparing for a blizzard tomorrow. And not the one you get at Carvel. Get out your shovel's everyone, this one is expected to be big. Here we go again. Below are our three top weekly stories to accompany your hot cup of joe while we wish for warmer days.


Cinnamon Toast hoverboards and other sad marketing ploys to make cereal cool again
When’s the last time you woke up with a craving for that tasty bowl of cereal? Unless you’re a devoted cereal enthusiast, it’s probably been a long time. Millennials are eating less and less cereal and it’s not because they aren’t getting an awesome little prize at the end of the bag. This generation has been identified as one of the top health-conscious bunches out there, which explains their hesitancy in trusting Tony the Tiger and his Frosted Flakes. In this witty article, shows some of cereal companies' saddest marketing ploys to make cereal cool again and why Cinnamon Toast hover boards are making millennials the “cereal killers” of the 21st century.

Most consumers not being turned on by connected home, study finds
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed in one way or another how we are rapidly progressing into the digital age. From Apple Watches to self-driving cars and VR gaming, you name it; the future is happening right before our eyes. But just how comfortable are we humans, when accepting this futuristic (tech) revolution into our everyday routine? The folks at TechCrunch wrote an enticing article highlighting the public’s initial rejection of fancy tech gadgets being implemented into their homes. Just don’t go telling your friends Siri and Alexa about this!

PR Insight of the Week
Tools For Mastering Public Relations 2.0

Expanding on the notion of technology inevitably changing the way we work, think and act, it’s almost impossible to think of an easier way of delivering a message out to thousands of listeners other than through the internet. This presents an advantage to the common man or woman who is trying to promote their new small business or innovative idea. The Huffington Post put together this slick mini-list presenting the top digital tools to optimize your social media buzz. You can Tweet @ them later with your gratitude.

Stay warm and don’t forget to eat your cereal!