Indicate Media Captures The News: March 20, 2017

Happy Monday “Captures The News” readers! The sun is out, it's the first day of spring, the snow is melting and many of us are still recovering from St. Paddy’s Day activities (we hope you didn’t spend too much of your pot of gold!). To celebrate spring, check out these three top stories we found interesting, relevant, and valuable to businesses today. 

YouTube launches Uptime, an experimental app for watching videos with friends
Do you remember the first time you saw that one hilarious YouTube video you just had to share with your friends? Social interaction has come a very long way since then, and in fact, it’s only a matter of time until we can integrate ourselves into actual videos. Think about that for a minute. However, for now, Area 120 (part of the Google team) has developed the Uptime app that lets you and your friends all rejoice while watching videos simultaneously. The app’s dynamic design even includes “reaction” features inspired by today’s live-streaming services (e.g. Periscope and Facebook live). TechCrunch wrote this informative piece on the new app, and if you want to join in the party they even included an invite code to get you in!

The way people are talking about something in the world is in itself news. … Increasingly, the conversation itself is driving that news cycle.
Trends come and go, and so does technology. Who even remembers MySpace? Most of us hardly do. While social media continues to be reinvented with the next big thing, Twitter has remained constant. In the last few years, the 140 character social media platform has found a new home for journalists and politicians. From finding reliable sources to newsgathering via TweetDeck to reading the President’s tweets and finding trending hashtags, Twitter seems to have it all. Andrew Fitzgerald (Twitter’s Director of Curation) was featured in this NiemanReports piece on how the social media platform is changing social media’s role in disseminating news.

PR Insight of the Week
Five Common Pitfalls and Best-Practices of Measuring Marketing and Advertising Performance

One could argue (and some do) there hasn’t been a more exciting and invigorating time to be alive than the world we live in today. For marketers, this feeling is amplified. Due to ever-evolving digital advancements, marketers now have insurmountable access to audiences, data and cloud platforms like never before. However, with the positives, there is always the negatives. One wrong move can tarnish a brand’s entire reputation sending all leads and customer loyalty out the door. Thankfully, MarketingProps understands the importance of measuring performance and has compiled a list of five common pitfalls to think about, along with tips to avoid said pitfalls.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the week and remember, never iron a four leaf clover. 
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