Indicate Media Captures The News: Monday, March 27, 2017

If you are anything like us, you also hate rainy Mondays. What a drag to start the week with umbrellas and wet shoes. As the popular saying goes, it can only get better from here, right? Here are the top news stories we found interesting, relevant and valuable to start your week.

Instagram Is Now Allowing Users to Save Their Live Videos
With the live-content mania raging stronger than ever, most social media platforms have rolled out new live streaming features for their users. After introducing their 'Instagram Live’ feature last year, the Facebook-owned photo-video giants announced that users are now able to save their live streams directly from their phone to their camera roll. This AdWeek article covers the ins and outs of this new feature that promises to add more spark to the way we share our stories.

Disputed by multiple fact-checkers: Facebook rolls out new alert to combat fake news
After one of the most interesting presidential races in US history, few topics have been talked about as much as “fake news.” As validity concerns topple over what we share with our peers on a daily basis, Facebook announced a new initiative intending to put an end to fictional stories over issues that really matter. This Guardian piece further explains the advantages of this new fact check.

PR Insight of The Week
How Advancements In Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Public Relations

As technology advancements move forward, human value is being progressively overlooked as each day goes by. And there might be a good reason for that. In a field like PR, human validity and intuition still play huge roles in securing leads and successful results for your clients, but how long will that last? This informative Forbes piece illustrates just how much time we have left until machines start REALLY making their impact in the PR world.

Have a safe and productive week!