Indicate Media Captures The News: March 6, 2017

With spring right around the corner, it’s almost time to start putting your gloves and winter hats away and start bringing out your shorts and running sneakers! But before the flowers start blossoming and the birds start singing, we still have to make it through these last remaining frosty days. We at Indicate Media compiled these three top stories we found fascinating, engaging and worthwhile to stimulate the rest of your winter.

Music Will be Made by Robots in The Future, Investors are Betting
Ever listen to an electronic remix of a song and think to yourself, “Wow, this sounds like it could’ve been made by robots!” Well, although you’re partially right, (they were most likely created using digital instruments) there was still a DJ or a producer who was there orchestrating and putting the final touches to that Exclusive Hot Club Mix. However, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to progress, investors are starting to predict that AI technology will not only be producing these virtual instruments and song-recognition apps but robots will be composing music entirely from scratch! That’s right, your child’s “Symphony No. 9” might be completely stemmed from the inner boards of a computer system. Check out this story from Mic Network explaining why Beethoven might be turning over in his grave.

Amazon’s Massive AWS Outage was Caused by Human Error
If you were having a hard time finding access to that GIF to send to your pals in your Tuesday morning group chat, you can rest assured you weren’t the only one. That’s because GIPHY, along with dozens of other Internet giants such as Buzzfeed and Pinterest, were all down due to an outage at Amazon’s AWS cloud computing division, causing hundreds of websites in the World Wide Web to momentarily shut down. While it didn’t exactly break the internet, it certainly provoked a lag that left us all wondering just what exactly was going on. In this Recode article, reporter Jason Del Rey takes us through the cause of the outage and how Amazon was able to put their servers back in place.

PR Insight of the Week
A Look Back at The 2016 Public Relations Winners and Losers

From the Oscars’ Best Picture fiasco to Lady Gaga’s show-stopping 13-minute Super Bowl Performance, it’s safe to say that 2017 has already produced several astounding moments, reminding us the indispensable need for having a good PR team. In this article, The Huffington Post takes a look back at the PR winners and losers of 2016. For what it’s worth, it’s always crucial to keep in mind not only how you perceive yourself but how you transcend your image out to the public.

Have a safe and lag-free rest of the week!