Indicate Media Captures The News: April 10, 2017

The big Apple wakes up bright and early this April 10th and we at Indicate Media, have compiled the top stories we found valuable, insightful, and compelling to begin your week in the most productive way possible!

A Swedish start-up has started implanting microchips into its employees
If you grew up in the 90’s, you most likely watched the Terminator movie series and certainly found amusement in reciting Schwarzenegger’s iconic, “I’ll be back!” catchphrase. Fast forward to 2017, as we see new technology emerge nearly every day, the idea of human-like machines roaming the world doesn’t seem too far off. And it’s not, because a Swedish startup hub has begun to inject their employees with microchips to function as swipe cards. This alarming CNBC article dives into what could be the start of an apocalyptic cyborg revolution.

Facebook will distract you at work with its latest tool
As if smart phones and constant notification alerts weren't enough to steer your attention away at work, social media giants Facebook are unleashing a new feature that will surely put a grin on your boss’ face. Looking to further dip their feet into workplace services, Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild will soon offer a free version of their Workplace service, a tool businesses can use to connect their employees, giving them the ability to chat and connect right on Facebook. This brief Mashable article, explains the new features of what could potentially be a new trend in offices around the country.

PR Insight of The Week
How PR pros can reach journalists
For decades, journalists and PR professionals have been in a constant struggle to find a common ground. With personal interests from both ends, the transitions and conversations between each counterpart have failed short in being as smooth and fluent as everyone would desire. From different stances to erroneous methods, there are countless explanations as to why the process was always such an arduous one. Kevin Allen from PR Daily provides us with a handy article accompanied by an infographic on multiples ways how PR professionals could better cultivate their relationships with reporters.

Have a safe week!