Indicate Media Captures The News: Monday, April 17th, 2017

Now that baseball season and the NBA playoffs are officially underway, we at Indicate Media, haven't been able to sit still for a mere second! With that being said, we've compiled the top three stories we found productive, worthwhile, and invigorating to suit your adrenaline-filled month.

Google just launched a new website that can turn your doodles into surprisingly good artwork
Ever wanted to finally be able to get your drawing chops up to par with the rest of your creative friends? Well, Google has recently launched a new website that turns your Paint-level drawings into fun, engaging, and most importantly, recognizable drawings by using artificial intelligence to determine what you were trying to draw. This Business Insider article explains this amusing new update that won’t turn your drawings into a Mona Lisa, but will exponentially improve the doodles you were making before.

Snapchat to let US advertisers track when customers visit their stores
As everything is seemingly on mobile these days, almost every brick and mortar store has some sort of digital media strategy. Trying to improve such companies’ efforts, photo-sharing giants Snapchat have developed a new tool called Snap to Store, where advertisers with physical stores can actually track how their in-store traffic correlates with their respective Snap campaigns. This The Drum article goes into further depth on how the new Snap update (currently in beta testing) will improve efforts of companies who are interested to see a return from online marketing.

PR Insight of The Week
Don't ignore the little guy, and other lessons from #NuggsForCarter
After a somewhat tumultuous week for big name companies around the globe, including controversies from different key players,  we see how easy it is to tarnish a company’s reputation with one wrong move. However, in the midst of these events, PR Week has written an article showing how brands can easily gain positive repercussions by focusing on their individual followers. Square burger pundits, Wendys, has everyone on social media erupting over their amicable conversations with a 16-year old teen from Nevada over an opportunity for a full year of free chicken nuggets. This PR Week article uncovers the importance of humanizing your brand by direct customer interaction.

That's it for today and we better not catch any of you trying to score an endless amount of fast food.

Catch you again next week!