Indicate Media Captures The News: April 3, 2017

Good morning “Capture The News” readers! Now that March is finally over and done with, we are officially a quarter of the way through 2017. Time really does go by fast when you're working hard. Here are the top stories we compiled to start your week in the most productive, engaging and motivating way.


5 ways to protect your internet privacy now that your information will be for sale
At a time where unlocking your phone via facial recognition and having your “aid”, Siri, reminding you of your Friday night plans is just another day at the office, it sure feels like we are finally living in the future. Even so, it might be hard for some to grasp the fact that our online privacy has changed significantly now that Congress has officially voted to eliminate online privacy rules set forth by Obama and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). What a time to be alive, right? In an effort to help their readers retain the most amount of privacy they can, provided this practical list with multiple ways in how we can protect our internet privacy now that we are seen as price tags for Telcom companies everywhere.

Lyft to let passengers round up their fare and donate the difference to charity
Whether you are an optimistic free-spirit or a solemn debbie-downer, 2017 surely has a demographic where you fit right in. Transportation app Lyft decided to play to the more open-minded crowd with their new donation feature. In an effort to pick up some traction while their head-to-head rivals, Uber, are going through a seemingly never-ending existential crisis, Lyft is now offering users the option for their passengers to donate a portion of their rides to the charity of their choice. TechCrunch gives a nice overview of the generous new feature in this article.

PR Insight of The Week
The New Marketing Mindset

With social media and tech developments happening faster than we can attempt to keep up with, the marketing professional of 20 years ago would be more lost than a kid in an amusement park today. It’s crucial for marketers (or any professional for that matter) to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world if they want to land prospering opportunities for their clients. Martech columnist, Justin Dunham did us all a huge favor by putting together a list of effective ways to enrich our strategic content-market toolkit.

Stay safe and have a productive rest of the week!