Drone Companies Take Flight: 3 Tips for Effective Storytelling

When it comes to storytelling, we always counsel our clients to keep it short and sweet, and condense “elevator pitches” down to 90 seconds or less, but today, we’re going to drone on a bit…only we promise it won’t be boring! Quite the contrary.

Based on recent industry analyst reports and market research firm predictions, plus our own independent research, it’s clear the future of the (you guessed it) drone industry is as bright as a clear blue sky. Forecasts indicate nearly endless opportunities hovering on the horizon across land, sea and sky (remember - drones don’t just fly).

Drone companies prepared to maneuver through obstacles, rough waters and inevitable pockets of turbulence (see what we did there?) - also known as consolidation, regulation, and increased competition - will undoubtedly be a part of the expected industry growth in the years ahead. So that’s the good news.

Public and government perception of the drone industry, however, isn’t all sunshine, calm seas and rainbows. For example, recent media coverage of dangerous close encounters involving drones and jets near Newark Liberty International Airport and London Gatwick Airport raised serious public concerns. It also captured the attention of government agencies now considering increased regulations for drone operators both here in the United States and abroad.  

Given the heightened media attention on the industry, and no matter what sector or sub-sector you’re operating in, it’s absolutely crucial to nail down the stories you want to tell and the messages you want to convey. To help you get started, we pulled together three tips for telling your story in ways that will separate your drone company from competitors in the public eye:

  1. Break it down (storytelling). Drone technology can be complicated. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that your company’s story is broken down into easy to understand language when communicating with the media, potential business partners, investors and the public. Work on your “elevator pitch.” You should be able to describe your company and business model in three sentences or less. If you see eyes starting to glaze over when talking about your business, use analogies and real-world examples to wake ‘em up and truly bring your drone story to life.

  2. Hot topics (messaging, thought leadership, media training). Consolidation, safety regulations, industry legislation and increased competition are the hot drone-related topics in the media. If you want to be out there joining in on these discussions, brainstorm as a team, and get your message down. Keep your target audience(s) in mind at all times. Ask yourselves, who do we want to reach with your messages? What do we want to say to them about these issues? What impact will our statements and positions have on the value of our company’s brand and public perception of our business? Those are the questions you need to answer as you begin to formulate your messages. And once you’ve nailed down your messaging, you’ll need to train your spokespeople to communicate them effectively.

  3. Every picture tells a story (video production and data visualization). Based on YouTube views alone, people LOVE to watch drone-related and drone-generated videos. The good news is you don’t have to break your marketing budget to film one. Heck, you can even use a smartphone. When you’re ready, share it via your company’s YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram accounts to drive traffic back to your website. Data visualization tools like infographics can also help tell your story. Use them in your website blog posts and marketing materials. The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is especially relevant for the Drone industry.

Suffice it to say, there are many exciting opportunities ahead for your drone company that you should prepare for - and we will be watching closely. Let’s work together on them. At Indicate Media, we can help you formulate a winning communications strategy. We will be creative and strategic, and assist you in building brand equity that drives business results.

Sound good? Let’s talk. To schedule an introductory call, contact us at drone@indicatemedia.com