Today technology is shaping our world faster than at any other time in history: Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT/BIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual / Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing / Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Blockchain - and the hardware and software that powers it all. At Indicate Media we’re focused on helping businesses across the spectrum of the new economy connect with their audience, tell the right story and drive their business forward.


Reputation management and brand visibility are the linchpins of attracting and retaining clients for financial/professional service firms today. Our business acumen coupled with an appetite to understand each client's industry sector, expertise and investment strategy allows us to create and execute highly-targeted communications campaigns. From messaging and positioning, to thought leadership content, to high profile media relations including top print and broadcast, Indicate Media will help elevate your firm and key executives.


Energy fuels a multi-trillion dollar global market across sectors ranging from oil and natural gas to renewable/clean sources such as solar, wind, hydo and geothermal. Growing consumer and commercial demand provides vast opportunity - from technology development to investment/asset management. At Indicate Media, we execute public relations and content marketing campaigns for companies that touch multiple aspects of the energy spectrum, as well as prepare top executives for corporate pitches, presentations and media interviews.